The probedata server provides interactive online access to the data structures in the probetools infrastructure, if that is enabled. This allows online and offline profiling tools to be written.

Ideas for these tools include task-manager like profiling, where the tool shows where the application has spent the last n seconds, cumulative profiling, and an interactive interface to control probetools (e.g., to clear its profiling data before an experiment).

There will be other commands soon, as this is just preliminary work. These may be commands like profiling-data (to obtain just time profile), profiling-snapshot (to obtain time profile differences since last snapshot), and memory-snapshot (to obtain a representation of the heap).


The all-data command retrieves the current profiling data in full exactly as it would be written to the file opprof0.out.</p>

command AllData(Default)
returns (ProbeData)
= 1;